MotionGenesis: Macintosh GateKeeper Issue
GateKeeper was introduced in OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) to help block malicious applications.
Gatekeeper blocks launching of applications not meeting a certain criteria (see background below).

Example: Macintosh OSX incorrectly reports:
"MotionGenesis cannot be opened."

• Try   Control-click   on   MotionGenesisStartHere  
• Or try   Right-click   on   MotionGenesisStartHere  
• Select   "Open"   and follow on-screen instructions.
• If that does not work, try the next section.
Macintosh GateKeeper Security Manager Macintosh GateKeeper Security Manager

Alternate: Macintosh Operating System   incorrectly   reports:
"MotionGenesis is damaged and cannot be opened."
"You should move it to the Trash."
  To temporarily modify Gatekeeper's default settings:
• Go to   System Preferences   →   Security & Privacy
• Under   "Allow Apps downloaded from:"
  Select   Anywhere.
  If necessary: Click the lock (bottom of dialog) and enter your password to allow changes.
  Confirm by pressing   "Allow from Anywhere".
• Double click on   MotionGenesisStartHere.
  Ensure MotionGenesis starts properly.
Restore the GateKeeper settings, e.g. to:
  "Mac App Store and identified developers"

Background: The Macintosh OSX "GateKeeper" security feature is enabled by default.
It prevents unsigned applications (e.g., not distributed by the Mac App Store) from launching.
More info: Apple support webpage
Macintosh GateKeeper Security Manager