Better input/output - using a
text editor and running files
MotionGenesis: F=ma Software, textbooks, training, consulting.

  1. Follow   basic input/output   to create the text file   FirstDemo.txt   (then type quit).

  2. Modify the file   FirstDemo.txt   with a text-editor (see options below).
    For example, put the following comment line at the top of the file (and save the file):
             %File: FirstDemo.txt
  3. To   run   the MotionGenesis command file   FirstDemo.txt,   do one of the following:

Text editor PC/Windows Macintosh Download
TextWrangler No Yes Free (from
TextEdit No Yes Shipped with Operating System
Save files in text format (not Rich-text format)
Emacs Yes Yes Free
Brackets Yes Yes Free
NotePad++ Yes No
NotePad Yes No Shipped with Operating System
MATLABŪ editor Yes Yes Bundled with MATLABŪ ($)
Wikipedia: Comparison of text editors