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The figure to the right shows a plate B connected by a revolute joint to a rod A so B can rotate freely about A's long axis. Rod A is connected by a second revolute joint to a fixed support N (the revolute joints' axes are perpendicular not parallel).

Problem description (.pdf)

Equations of motion with MotionGenesis™
Dynamics:   F = m a, Lagrange, Kane     Program responses
  • Generates exact nonlinear symbolic equations of motion
  • Forms mechanical energy whose variation during numerical integration tracks integrator accuracy
  • Creates   simulation results   (graphed and saved with   MotionGenesis plotting software -- shown below)
  • Or, append .m, .c, or .f extension to the ODE() filename to produce the codes shown below.
    Type Code
    .m MATLAB® code
    C code   or   Fortran code   for exceptionally fast numerical motion simulation.
    Easy-to-use   input file   to change input constants, initial values, time parameters, etc.

MotionGenesis Babyboot released from 45 degrees MotionGenesis Babyboot released from 90 degrees

MotionGenesis Babyboot picture
MotionGenesis Babyboot schematic
Released with qA(0) = 45° Released with qA(0) = 90°
baby45.gif baby90.gif
baby45.jpg baby90.jpg
baby45.eps baby90.eps