MotionGenesis: Senior Consultant Paul Mitiguy, Ph.D.
From Milton Massachusetts, Paul received his bachelor's degree from Tufts University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University under Thomas Kane. Since 1990, Paul has been developing symbolic math and motion simulation software, including   Autolev   and   MotionGenesis.

After working in the controls and aerospace divisions at M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory and NASA Ames, Paul developed educational and professional motion software and businesses at Knowledge Revolution, MSC.Software, NIH Center for Simulation of Biological Structures, and Design-Simulation Technologies, including   Interactive Physics,   Working Model 2D/3D/4D,   SimWise 4D, (formerly MSC.visualNastran 4D)   and   SimTK Simbody and QSim.

Over 20 years, Paul has taught more than 4300 students in 10 different undergraduate/graduate mechanics courses at Stanford University. He has been a consulting professor for physics, statics, mechanics of materials, dynamic systems, vibrations, and controls, biosimulation, classical dynamics with computation, and advanced dynamics & simulation.

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Paul integrates software into textbooks, including Beer & Johnson Statics/Dynamics, Hibbler Statics/Dynamics, and Norton Design-of-Machinery and worked for 3 years as a consulting editor for McGraw-Hill engineering textbooks. Paul enjoys teaching from K-12 math camps to experts in force and motion simulation, with roles in STEAM/STEM, d.Thinking, teacher in-service training, and professional development.

Dr. Mitiguy has published 4 textbooks and 23 technical papers and developed 5 commercial motion-simulation software programs, translated into 12 languages and used by 10+ million people worldwide.

Dr. Mitiguy joined   Motion Genesis   to develop fast, compact, symbolic math -- for calculators to computers.
Dr. Mitiguy specializes in dynamics, motion simulation, symbolic manipulation, code generation, and control-systems integration and has worked as a consultant for software, biotechnology, energy, robotics, automotive, aerospace, and litigation companies.

Software by Paul Mitiguy
MotionGenesis   and   Autolev MotionGenesis
Interactive Physics
Working Model 2D/3D/4D
SimWise 4D (formerly MSC.visualNastran 4D)
Interactive Physics Working Model Design-Simulation Technologies
Simbody and QSim (SimTK Simulation ToolKit)

Textbooks by Paul Mitiguy

  1. Mitiguy, Paul, Dynamics for Mechanical, Aerospace, and Bio/Robotic Engineers, 1992-2021.
  2. Mitiguy, Paul, Advanced Dynamics and Motion Simulation, 1992-2021.
  3. Mitiguy, Paul, Control, Vibration, and Design of Dynamic Systems, 1999-2021.
  4. Mitiguy, Paul and Woo, Michael, Interactive Physics Curriculum Workbook, (English/Spanish) 2008, 125 pgs.

Technical papers and reports by Paul Mitiguy

  1. Mitiguy, P.C., and Banerjee, A.K., "A New Energy Integral of the Equations of Motion", in preparation.
  2. Perkins, Alexander, Abdallah, Muhammad, Mitiguy, Paul, Waldron, Kenneth John, "A Unified Method for Multi-Body Systems Subject to Stick-Slip Friction and Intermittent Contact", 2008 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Nice France, Sept.22-26 2008.
  3. Wren, Tishya A. L., and Mitiguy, Paul C., "A Simple Method to Obtain Consistent and Clinically Meaningful Pelvic Angles from Euler Angles during Gait Analysis", Journal of Applied Biomechanics. Vol. 23, No. 3, 2007, pp. 28-223.
  4. Fong, J.T., Mitiguy, P.C., and Taber, L.A., eds. (2005), Applied Mechanics and Multi-Physics Simulations of High-Consequence Engineering Systems, Proc. Symp. In honor of Professor C.R. Steeele, April 18, 2005, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Published by Stanford Mechanics Alumni Club (SMAC), c/o Division of Mechanics & Computation, Stanford University, Durand 262, Stanford, CA 94305-4040 (2005).
  5. Clark, Jonathan, Provancher, William, Mitiguy, Paul, "Theory, Simulation, and Hardware: Lab Design for an Integrated Systems Dynamics Education", Proceedings of IMECE2005, 2005 ASME Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Orlando FL, Nov. 5-11 2005.
  6. Mitiguy, Paul and Woo, Michael, "A Controversial Study of the Aerodynamics of a Baseball", Proceedings of the 5th ASME International Conference on Multi-body Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Control, Long Beach CA, Sept. 24-28 2005. Also presented at AAPT American Association of Physics Teachers, Sacramento CA; August 2, 2004.
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  19. Reckdahl, K.J., and Mitiguy, P.C., Autolev Tutorial, OnLine Dynamics Inc., Sunnyvale CA, March 12, 1996.
  20. Banerjee, A.K., and Mitiguy, P.C., "Unified Computation of Stick-Slide Friction: Application to Rattlebacks, Tops, and Journal Bearings", Proceedings of AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Controls Conference, Paper 95-3350, Aug 7-10 1995, pp. 1616-1622, Baltimore MD.
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  23. Mitiguy, P.C., Efficient Formulation and Solution of Equations of Motion, Ph.D. Thesis, Stanford University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 1995.

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