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Desk-copy policy for instructors
considering textbook adoption
MotionGenesis Textbooks

  • We do not provide free textbooks or electronic copies   before   classroom adoption.
  • Free or discounted books/software may be provided to instructors   after   classroom adoption.
  • Although free textbooks are typical for large publishers, our print-on-demand has a different business model.
  • We support your adoption and   customization   (e.g., notation and content) of our   textbooks.
  • Included with textbook purchase is a student license of   MotionGenesis™ Kane.
  • Contact us   for more information. We look forward to working with you.
Note: Since we print on demand, each four-color instructor book takes significant time and cost to produce and ship. We have not encountered instructors who allowed the cost of one book to restrict their adoption. If you have an exceptional case, please contact us .

Table of contents and first review chapters and homeworks are provided for each book below.
MotionGenesis Textbook: Dynamics of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomechanical Systems (for undergraduates)

MotionGenesis Textbook: Advanced Dynamics and Motion Simulation

MotionGenesis Textbook: Control, vibration, and design of dynamic systems